Art of Consequence

Nothing comes without a cost is black and white happens without consequence

The Consequence

Art of Consequence brings together artists from diverse media and backgrounds, engaging them in collaborations and conversations around topics that matter to them and to their art. Art matters – and the why behind the art matters more.

What begins with Senor Pants’ “The Consequence” collection continues with artist interviews, theme explorations, and one of the space’s most interesting approaches to art collabs:

Theme Triptychs

Theme Triptychs represent a conversation between artists, the community, and the machine, merging diverse perspectives and experiences with technology and hand-crafted art.

“The Consequence” holders will have exclusive access or first right of purchase (via auctions, community-only listings, or airdrops) to Theme Triptychs.

An artist is selected

either by Senor Pants, or by a community vote.

Work 1

That artist selects a theme, a topic that matters to them. They create a 1/1 artwork in isolation, with no communication about their approach, perspective, or intentions.

Work 2

Senor Pants does the same, crafting a 1/1 work interpreting the artist’s theme in isolation.

The two works are revealed, together, to The Consequence community during a streamed interview.

Work 3

The works are then blended into one, and the artists work together on the “final” collaboration, conversing and creating together.